2023-2024 October Hours

October 2

2023-2024 Season Hours

November 4 - February 25:
Monday-Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm

Slovacek Wild Game Snook Texas Tx

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Wild Game Processing: 979-272-1337
Email: chad@slovacek.com

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  • Processing Notes

  • We will accept wild hogs during deer season, but we will not mix your hog meat with venison. We will not be accepting wild hogs from March 1st to October 1st.
    Read Below for More Info.

  • All steaks and smoked sausage are vacuum packed and labeled at NO extra charge!

  • Please remember, on average a deer’s backstrap weighs 3-5 pounds after being trimmed

  • All smoked sausage mixes are a 50% deer, 50% lean pork mix.

  • On smoked sausage, pricing is based on ring style. If you would prefer to have your sausage in a link style we would be happy to do so for a 20¢/lb charge.

  • All smoked sausages have a 30 pound minimum batch and summer sausages are 20 pound minimum.

  • Snack Sticks dried weight is approximately 75% of the green weight and are made with beef only.

  • A $105.00 deposit will be required for each drop-off ticket.

  • We accept all forms of payment.

  • Prices Are Subject To Change

  • 2023-2024 Processing Prices

    Processing White Tail Deer
    (90 lbs or less)
    $105.00 ea

  • Processing Quartered Deer, Mule Deer, & Exotics
    $1.05 lb

  • Skinning Deer
    $35.00 ea

  • Skinning Hogs
    $50.00 ea

  • Shoulder Mount Cape
    $60.00 ea

  • Boned Deer for Processing

  • Processing Hog (Whole or Quartered)
    $1.39 lb

  • Sausage (Our Specialty!)

    Regular Smoked Sausage
    $4.39 lb

  • Spicy Smoked Sausage
    $4.39 lb

  • Jalapeño Smoked Sausage
    $4.59 lb

  • Jal. Cheese Smoked Sausage
    $5.19 lb

  • Garlic & Green Onion Smoked Sausage
    $5.19 lb

  • Garlic Pepper Jack Smoked Sausage
    $5.19 lb

  • Gouda Smoked Sausage
    $5.19 lb

  • Summer Sausage
    $5.29 lb

  • Jal. Cheese Summer Sausage
    $5.59 lb

  • Pan Sausage
    $3.99 lb

  • Italian Chub Sausage
    $3.99 lb

  • Snack Sticks (charged by green weight) 
    $8.79 lb

  • Pepper Jack Snack Sticks 
    $9.99 lb

  • Other Options

    Deer Huevos (pkg. of 4)
    $11.50 lb

  • Fully Cooked Brick Chill (8-1# pkgs.)

  • Boudin
    $4.99 lb

  • Grinding Boneless Meat
    $2.19 lb

Give us a call or email us today!
Wild Game Processing: 979-272-1337
Email: chad@slovacek.com

** Options **

Popular Choices!

We will also continue our brick chili and deer huevos. Brick chili is made from our secret Slovacek chili seasoning. Package price includes 8-1# containers of fully cooked venison chili. Deer Huevos are a jalapeño with cream cheese surrounded by venison pan sausage and wrapped in bacon. They will be packaged in sets of 4 and are perfect for the grill and at the deer camp. You may want to try our boudin which is becoming very popular.

Please Take Care

It is very important that you take good care of your venison meat while en route to getting it processed.

Whether you are bringing the deer in field-dressed or quartered it is important that you keep it at the proper temperature. Ice down quarters in an ice chest and place bags of ice in the cavity and hinds of a whole deer. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your processing as we do dispose of any meat we feel may have spoiled. Bloodshot meat is disposed of as well.

Please be sure that you fill out your tag completely at the site of your kill and that you keep the tag with the meat at all times. We are required to keep the tag with the meat at the time of drop-off.

We ask that you pick up your deer as quickly as possible after notification due to limited freezer space.

All orders not picked up within 14 days of notification are charged a $4.00 per day storage fee or donated unless special arrangements are made.

Wild Hogs!!!

When dealing with wild hogs we like to think of the saying "You are what you eat!" We feel this is also very true with wild pork. We will no longer mix wild pork with your venison, as wild pork can often have a strong odor, and in some cases, an undesirable flavor.

When having sausage made we suggest mixing up to 50% domestic pork. The addition of domestic pork will add to your sausage's juiciness and flavor.

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